We help take away the pain of
social media brain strain!

Hey, we’re Jess & Meagan.

A double dose of social media goodness ready to work our magic on your socials.

Does this sound like you?


Posting & engaging on social media feels like a burden?


Swiping open your socials fills you with dread instead of joy?


You’re tired of waking up at 3am guilt-tripping yourself about trying to do it all but not excelling at anything?

We’re here to help.

We help you in two ways:

If you don't have the time, inclination, skills or headspace to manage your socials, we do it for you; strategising and optimising so your SM game is on point.
If you're wanting to grow but don't have the dollars to invest in hiring a social media marketing agency, we take you under our wing and provide nurturing guidance so you can DIY like a boss.

Either way, you end up happierless stressed and safe in the knowledge your Facebook & Instagram accounts match up to the magnificent product or service you’re selling.

Sound good?

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Why Us?

We’re a passionate pair of mums that did the same as you – took the leap from 9-5 land and ended up here. So we get how you’re constantly pulled in all directions. We truly understand the mum-guilt of wanting something for yourself while trying to raise a brood AND remembering to pluck your eyebrows occasionally!

We adore helping independent business owners go from strength-to-strength with their socials.

From high fliers who have reached their tipping point and are ready to outsource, to side-hustlers who need a bit of support to get their socials moving or growing.

SocialUs is a culmination of our years of experience; both in the corporate world and working in SMEs. Our backgrounds in marketing, events and customer experience are topped off with a (slight) social media obsession. And here’s the kicker – two heads are always better than one. Which means when you work with us, you have double the brainpower and capability (not to mention our charming personalities) to deliver solid results for your biz.

Why do our clients love us?

Because we bring a new energy into their team that’s creative and collaborative. There’s nothing better than knowing they trust us to make their business shine – because truth be told, we care about it as if it were our own.

HYRE Events

I loved having SocialUs managing my social media.

It’s been such a blessing, as it gave me the brain capacity to focus on the other areas of my business that needed me.

They alleviated the stress and frustration associated with Social Media, which I didn’t have the patience or time to manage myself!

In the time that SocialUs managed my Social Media accounts, I have noticed a real change in energy. Their engagement efforts are solid, and we have seen a steady spike in growth. They’re reliable, flexible, passionate and have loads of energy.  I love the fact that they have a real care factor when it comes to my business, my brand & they have worked hard to make it the success it is today.

Britt, Owner

[HYRE Events]

Trim Taxation and Accounting

Having clear communication every step of the way and a passion for everything they do means I was extremely comfortable having Jess and Meagan manage my social media.  They assisted with the initial setup and have continued to operate my social media for almost two years now!

Whilst my social media has been maintained by SocialUs., I have acquired several new clients, enjoyed networking with fellow small businesses and am finally confident that choosing to have a presence on social media was the right thing to do.

I highly recommend SocialUs. for any businesses who is looking to outsource their social media.

Tracie, Owner

[Trim Taxation and Accounting ]

Niki Simpson Hair & Makeup

Jess and Meagan from SocialUs have been a godsend for me and my small business.  In a few short weeks they have taken my social media posts from irregular and random to strategic and targeted and my audience is growing every day.  They are mums like me, so totally get how busy my life is, and constantly keep me updated at every step of the process with helpful tips and suggestions for my overall strategy. I couldn’t be happier with their work or recommend them more highly!

Niki, Owner

[Niki Simpson Hair & Makeup]

Damien Binder

SocialUs. are a superb team!

They provided me with a Social Media Strategy, which gave me the exact knowledge and tools I needed to build my Social Media. They were prompt to reply to all my queries and I felt cared for.

In short, I would recommend their services to anyone either starting out with social media or somewhat seasoned.

Trust them – They’ll look after you totally.

Damien Binder, Musician

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